2017 Solar House

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Nest Home

2015 Solar House

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2013 House

Chameleon House

2013 Solar House

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2009 House

Expanding Horizons

The 2009 Solar House was based on the concept of Expanding Horizons. This home features the Chameleon Home Automation System, the system that the 2013 Solar House is being based around.

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2007 House

2007 Solar House

The 2007 Solar House was the Solar House Team’s highest placing home. The current tenants include Dr. Oerther, a professor at Missouri S&T, and his wife, two children, and dog.

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2005 House

2005 Solar House

The 2005 Solar House was based off the architectural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Golden Ratio. This house placed first overall in the energy balance competition

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2002 House

2002 Solar House

The 2002 Solar House was Missouri S&T’s first ever solar house and competed in the first ever U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The home was based on the Missouri prairie style home as the team wanted the house to fit in with other Missouri homes and not stick out as a solar house.

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If you would like to tour the village or more specifically one of the houses, feel free to request for a tour over at the Center of Sustainability!

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