Join Us

Interested in joining the team? General body meetings for the Spring 2022 semester will occur on 1/31, 2/28, 4/4, and 5/2 at 5PM in CS 220. We hope to see you there!

Live Clean

All of our homes are built and furnished with as many sustainable products as possible. Each of the homes in the Solar and EcoVillage serve as student housing after the completion of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The tenants are passionate members of the team and are committed to using less, reusing more, and sharing their knowledge with others.

Build Intelligently

The Solar House Design Team designs and/or builds each home so that it may regulate its environment using passive solar techniques. This thoughtful design process allows the home to reduce the amount of energy needed to regulate its internal environment.

Generate Endlessly

Each house employs solar panels to produce abundant energy for the home. Our mechanical and electrical teams spend time researching the best systems to implement within the homes that require little-to-no maintenance for its occupants and only utilize the amount of energy needed for optimal performance.

“Solar House Design Team has not only shown me the importance of designing homes for individuals that are in need, but also how crucial renewable energy sources and sustainable materials are for the future of residential housing. The team has allowed me to gain a strong foundation in engineering software such as Revit, and gave me the skills needed to acquire an internship where I can apply the knowledge I learned here to real-world problems.”

Melorin Azimzadeh, President

Mission and Goals

Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Solar House Design Team empowers the next generation of leaders to build a sustainable future. This is accomplished by developing a sustainable, innovative, and original design for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The team possesses a wealth of experience from nine previous competitions, which provides opportunities for students to learn from previous competitions. By understanding the successes and failures of past homes, the team is improving their design and construction processes. Each new home improves the University, community, and environment through focused research, public education, and sustainable design. The team uses hands-on learning to reach its goal of promoting sustainability in a constructive way that allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom in a real-world setting. Our team encourages one another to research and implement innovative practices and designs that interest them to keep each member fully involved and engaged in not only the project, but to the team as well.