“The Team is extremely excited to design and develop plans for the 2017 Solar Decathlon. We have a strong team of students, advisers, and professionals working together to take this project to new heights. Join us in our journey to reshape the residential market.”

Luke Mueller, Project Manager



We promote sustainable living throughout the community by building solar-powered homes.

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Live Clean

All of our homes are built and furnished with as many sustainable products as possible. Each of the homes in the Solar Village serve as student housing after competing in the Decathlon. The tenants are passionate members of the Team and are committed to using less, reusing more, and sharing their knowledge with others.

Build Intelligently

The Solar House Design Team designs and builds each home so that it may regulate its environment using passive solar techniques. This thoughtful design process allows home to reduce the amount of energy needed to regulate the interior environment.

Generate Endlessly

Each house employs solar panels to produce abundant energy for the home as well as a solar thermal system to produce hot water.