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The team is extraordinarily excited to see the Chameleon House transition from blueprints and specifications into an actual building. We have already assembled a winning team of students, advisers and sponsors, but experience has taught us that we can never have enough help. The great things we do would not be possible without donations from generous people. Please consider donating to the team today.

Emily Vandivert, Former Project Manager

What We Do

We build solar powered homes to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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Live Sustainably


All of our homes are built and furnished with as many sustainable products as possible. The tenants of our Solar Village are chosen due to their dedication to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Build Intelligently


The Solar House Team designs and builds each home so that it may regulate its environment using passive solar techniques as often as possible. This includes anything from temperature to lighting and more!


Generate Renewably


Each house employs solar panels to produce abundant energy for the home as well as a solar thermal system to produce hot water for the radiant heating floor system and also for domestic hot water.

Watch the Construction of the Chameleon House

Watch LIVE as The Missouri S&T Solar House Team constructs the Chameleon House for the Department of Energy 2013 Solar Decathlon! Be an eye in the sky and watch the live 24/7 footage of the construction of the Chameleon House!

As you watch, you will quickly notice that much of the work done on the house is done by the students on the Solar House Team. These countless hours spent constructing the house are hours set aside from classes, homework, athletics, and other extracurricular activities associated with being a college student.

If you have any questions or comments about what you see on the live feed, please feel free to get in touch with us under the contact tab!

About Us

Get To Know Our Team

The Missouri S&T Solar House Team is a student design team that seeks to advance the University, community and environment through focused research, public education and sustainable design. The team has over 60 undergraduate members who work tirelessly to design and construct a 100% solar-powered home. The team utilizes a multidisciplinary team of faculty advisers to assist throughout the process.

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