The floor-plan is open to maximize the small interior space (less than 600 feet). All furniture was selected for the environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing used during its production. The outside of the house as well as the counter-tops was constructed with Paperstone which is a panel material made of 100% post-consumer paper. The recycled paper is pressed into panels that are noted for their environmentally friendly construction as well as beauty and versatility.

The kitchen includes darkly stained Lyptus wood which is an exotic replacement for hardwood that is made from the fast-growing eucalyptus tree. An induction cook-top is featured on the kitchen island because it wastes less energy compared to conventional cook-tops. The bathroom includes a posh floating vanity and comfortably sized, walk-in shower.

Engineered Systems

On the roof, 40 monocrystalline, photovoltaic solar panels combine for a total of 7kW of peak generating capacity. The electrical system includes a battery bank to allow it to run completely autonomously without being grid-tied. Both compact-fluorescent bulbs and LED lights were selected for their decrease in energy use compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.

All appliances were selected for their Energy Star rating which ensures that they use less energy over their conventional counterparts. An Asko washer/dryer combination was installed because it is more efficient than separate washer and dryer units.

The house is heating through the radiant floor which consists of PEX-Al-PEX tubing installed in a Warmboard sub-floor system. The Warmboard includes a conductive, aluminum sheet to ensure that the heat is uniformly dispersed into the space.

The home automation system includes a touch-screen interface to control the lights, the operable clerestory windows, the volume of the entertainment system, and the thermostat controls for the HVAC system. The house can be controlled remotely through the use of a secure flash drive. Motion sensors can activate specific lights at night for occupant safety.